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Standard Operating Procedure Formulation

MBMG's 8-Step SOP Development Life-Cycle and best practices.

  • 45 minutes
  • 200 US dollars
  • Virtual Meeting

Service Description

MBMG is an international expert innovations & operations consultancy specializing in Entertainment, Media & Broadcasting, Leisure, Real Estate, Construction, Retail and Food.  We provide clients with the next idea…. and then make it work!  The best way to develop an SOP is creating one for yourself. At MBMG, we write SOPs day-in and day-out for companies across the globe including some of the Fortune 500 organizations. Our charge ranges from USD 5000 to USD 50000 depending upon the number of processes to be covered. Writing an SOP is somewhere between art and science. So far you may be clueless on where to start and how to progress on an SOP? This will not be the case after you diligently go through this SOP with MBMG. We have summarized all our secrets here to get you started and to deliver a stunning SOP to your management. We have eight modules for SOP development: 1. Getting Started (The framework needed to commence the SOP development process.) 2. Define SOP Objectives (Organizations develop SOPs for various reasons. First, we need to be clear what we would like to achieve.) 3. Establish SOP Scope (Depending upon the organization requirements, SOPs may be developed at a high level or in a very detailed manner. Are the SOPs are going to be developed for the entire organization or for a department? 4. Identify Stakeholders (Involving the stakeholders that have sound knowledge about the processes under the SOP scope.) 5. Map Processes (Mapping the processes’ current state and future state are the critical stage in the SOP development.) 6. Develop SOP's (Once the future state processes are approved by the stakeholders, the SOP development commences.) 7. Train Users and Implement SOP's (Now the time to train the team with the appropriate SOPs and conclude the implementation.) 8. Audit SOP's (SOP Audits support the organization to build a process-oriented culture.) Many of you might have attempted to write a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), but would have faced a roadblock and do not know where to start? and how to proceed? The fact is developing an SOP is a complex process and it requires a systematic approach. SOP by MBMG offers a time-tested process, practiced by leading consulting firms across the globe. By practicing our 8-Step approach, you will master the art and science of SOP development.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact use within 24hrs.

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Suite 1154 491 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, PA, USA

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